Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Paper: It's Tradition

This is one of my most favorite family projects ever.  During the month of November we take time as a family to talk about what we are thankful for, daily.  We usually have this conversation during supper and then we each take our turn recording what we are grateful for in words or drawings.

The beginning of the month, each year, seems to be similar - the biggest influences in our lives are identified first.  The days of November are some of my favorites because as a family we take the time to identify all that we are thankful for from the ordinary things of everyday life, the littlest things that leave impressions on us to moments that help us to learn life lessons.  This family projects encourages us to see all that is good in our life and remind us how blessed we are. 

There are no right or wrong things to be thankful for, no rules to our collection of gratitude.  If you are grateful for something, record it.  When the kiddos are too little to write we trace their hand and then brainstorm as a family things in their daily life they would maybe identify as being thankful for.  Their tiny handprints on our poster is one of my favorite things.  I usually write a little note or quote the kids' words under their drawings when they are old enough to make pictures and draw.  I love words that are misspelled and other things that show their age/development.  It's so fun to hear all the ideas our kids come up with on a daily basis!  It's also interesting to hear their answer when asked, "Why are you thankful for ____?"

Every member of our family participates!

Our Thankful Poster sits in our kitchen all month long.  Sometimes I just walk by, pause and reread all that is written and smile because when you take a second to look around this life is pretty darn awesome!  Of course, I keep each years artwork to look back on - I LOVE looking back and am so thankful for our families recorded memories! 

Maybe your family does something similar?  I'd love to hear how your family focuses on the blessings in your life!  If you're looking for something, give this a try - you won't regret it!  

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