Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Paper: Teacher Gifts

Hello last day of August!  Crazy how fast summer flies by!!

So, what have you been creating lately?  Did you get all of your summer projects completed or do you still have a few on your list like me? Ah, well... as long as they are on the list they'll get done sooner or later. :)

So...check out these quick and easy "Welcome Back" gift for teachers.  I found these plastic treat tubes at a local craft store.  I picked up a few and knew I had to create something cute and clever with them.  

CTMH Supplies:  Chalk It Up Paper Pack, Geek is Chic Stamp Set

I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend!  

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fall Workshops & Crops

Hey, hey!!  I just wanted to remind you of the upcoming workshops and crops coming this fall and winter.  It's not too soon to mark them on your calendar!!

Calendar of Upcoming Events:
Friday, September 26th, 6pm-9pm:  Layout Workshop
Saturday, October 18th, 9am - midnight:  CROPTOBER FEST CROP!!
Tuesday, October 28th, 6pm-8pm:  Christmas Cards & Tags
Tuesday, November 11th, 6pm-9pm:  Layout Workshop
Wednesday, November 19th, 6pm-9pm:  Holiday Happenings Mini-Album Workshop
                                                                 & Seasonal Expressions Preview Party
Saturday, December 6th, 9am-midnight:  CROP & CRAFT!

I'll update you with more information as the events get closer, but for now get 'em on your calendars! :)

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Paper: Must Read

Good Morning, Sunshine!

I've got a little "Variety Section" going on for you here today! :)

This week was spent making the most of our summer days, getting back into my classroom a bit and getting caught up on my reading list.  I've decided that I came across a "must read" and should share it with you.

Have you read Wonder by R.J. Palacio?  Wonder is about a 5th grade student, August "Auggie" Pullman, who was born with a facial deformity and is entering a mainstream school for the first time in his life.  I brought this book along on our last camping trip and just finished it up.  If you haven't read Wonder you should add it to your list - kids and adults alike! This book will touch your heart.  The characters and lessons will definitely stick with you making it one of those books you'll want to share with others too!

Captured from Wonder by R.J. Palacio
Back-to-school is upon us...
...My wish for all teachers out there is that they find their 'tool-boxes' to be full and the positive impact they make on students to reach no bounds.  
...I wish for all parents to share in the excitement of learning with their children each day.  
...I wish for all students to have a successful, enjoyable school year.  

And, it's my hope that everyone is touched by kindness each and every day! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Paper: Challenge Pages

Good Morning!

So what do you do when you get into a scrapbooking rut?  What do you do when you hit a creative speed bump?  Sometimes it's as easy as grabbing a piece of licorice and asking your friend scrappin' next to you for a little help.  You nibble on your snack, they rearrange some photos for you and wha-la an insta-fix!

Other times... well, sometimes you need a push out of your comfort zone!

For a few years now, when my gal pals and I get together to scrapbook and we get stuck or need a little push outside of our box we do "Challenge pages".  These challenge pages have evolved and continually change depending on what supplies we have in our stash, if we have a new magazine full of fun layouts and ideas we want to try or ...whatever! Often times challenge pages help us to create faster than we would otherwise because we have a focus.

This last weekend I got a lot of paper playing in with my girls!  We had ourselves a weekend Paper Playdate!! :) I brought a few new challenges with to spice up the weekend.  I created and brought with me some Crafty-Tic-Tac-Toe Boards.  The idea was they needed to use 3 different supplies making a tic-tac-toe (3 in a row) horizontally, vertically or diagonally.  It was a fun new challenge.  I made several boards but here's one as an example. Give it a try this week! It forces you to add something to a layout/card you otherwise might not have thought to do.  There were some giggles, some "Really?! I have to put bling on this page?", some quick additions and overall some pretty neat outcomes this last weekend.

And, I thought I was bringing the challenges... I was given a challenge page of my own!   A friend of mine found a super great deal on some cute pattern paper (sorry I don't have a picture of the original pieces) and it was my challenge to use it to create a layout.  I created the layout below that everyone was able to create during our weekend.  Challenge accepted!  

We R Memory Keepers Pattern Paper,
CTMH Sunset, Slate and All the Details Stamp Set

Do you ever find yourself repeating elements, picture placement or colors in your layouts?  This last crop using blocks of paper in rows behind my photos was definitely my thing.  

Creative Memories Paper and Stickers,
CTMH Mini Stapler, Edge Distresser and Chocolate Spritz

Oh! and arranging photos in a grid, well, that's always kinda my thing... :)

Have a great week! 
Happy Crafting!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

August Layout Workshop

Hey! Hey! Well a group of gals and I had fun making some layout at my workshop on Tuesday night! 

Two of the layouts created used Chalk It Up Workshop on the Go. This paper pack was one of my Fav Fives! It's fun. I love the color pallet! :) Check these out...

My version of the Chalk It Up WOTG layout.
The Chalk It Up Assortments are fun puffy stickers!
CTMH Supplies: Chalk It Up WOTG, Cricut Artbooking,
All the Details Stamp, Lagoon Washi Tape, Mini Stapler
I'm totally going to have my kiddo write his name on this name tag as part
of his scrapbook layout for this school year!

I dove into the new Scaredy Cat paper pack also and came up with this quick Halloween layout.  Inspired by the Picture Perfection promotion that is going on right now with the Picture My Life products I created a layout that can easily be slipped into the Memory Protectors! It was a hit.  And, check it out... we used the new ShinHan Touch Twin markers!!
CTMH Supplies: Scaredy Cat Paper Pack, Frightfully Fun Stamp Set,
Black Twill Ribbon, Black Flourishes, ShinHan Touch Twin Markers 
CTMH Supplies: Frightfully Fun Stamp Set, ShinHan Touch Twin Markers

Mark your calendar: The next Layout Workshop will be Friday, September 26th from 6pm-9pm!!

Summer seems to be drifting away entirely too fast! It always does and it always seems to go even faster about this same time each year. Enjoy the warm, sunny days I know we will be are!!

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Paper: Cute Cards

Good morning!

This week I played with August's stamp of the month and my new ShinHan markers to create a couple cute cards.  It's easy to see how you could use this stamp set to create an image for Halloween, fall or a celebration.  I took a look at the stamp set and tried to think outside the box.  So... How about Christmas?  I know, it's August.... but I did it! :)

Looking to see where I used the markers? Check out the bling!  Those were actually clear sparkles that I colored with my Petal Green marker. Slick, huh?!

Just when you thought that was it... how about using the wing as a petal for a flower? (This idea was not mine alone but inspired by a few I ran into on Pinterest.) I stamped the image in black, colored it with our ShinHan art markers, fussy cut out the petals(wings) and the the center of the flower(eye) and then arranged them to create a flower for this little notecard.

If you missed how I used the stamp set for Halloween that little owl is back here

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Paper: Composition Notebook

My worlds are starting to collide!  Back-to-School supplies have been out since the beginning of July and I started walking through the aisles at the end of July. :) There is something about new school supplies that is really just great. I know I'm not alone! C'mon, admit it... a fresh blank calendar, pencils in perfect shape with unused erasers, brand new pack of pens... I can't possibly be the only one that tries each one as soon as I open the package!? :)

Well, as I was saying my worlds are starting to collide and so they did in my scrapbooking room last week!  I picked up a couple composition notebooks and crafted them out!  I used "Chalk it Up" (a new CTMH paper) of course!!

Chalk it Up Workshop on the Go has all the supplies used to craft-out this
Composition Notebook!

The process to create this cute little number is really quite quick!  

1) Find the materials you'd like to use to decorate the composition notebook.  I used 2 (12x12) pieces of pattern paper to cover the front and back of the notebook.  

I left the binding alone because it matched my paper choice.  If the binding doesn't match your paper you can cover it just the same as the front and back.  If you choose a double-sided piece of paper I bet it would look nice to use the other side on the binding and you should have enough in scraps after you cut for the covers to allow for that.

2) Lay your paper out with your notebook on top and trace around the cover so you know where to cut.  Do this for both the front and the back. Cut out your pieces.

*Before Step 3 if you are planning to add any embellishments to your notebook that you intend to adhere between the paper and the cover do that first before you glue the top sheet on. :)  I did this with the paper ribbons on top and the twill ribbon on the bottom.  

3) Adhere the paper to the cover of the notebook.  Be sure to use a strong adhesive and cover the paper entirely, I used my Broad-Tip Glue Pen.  You want the paper on the cover permanently!  Once you've covered the entire sheet of paper with glue paying special attention to the edges line the paper up with the spine and smooth it out.  Repeat the same process to cover the back of the notebook.

4) Open your notebook and trim any excess paper.

5) Decorate! 

Go grab yourself a composition notebook and craft-it out!

Calendar of Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, August 12th, 6pm-9pm:  Layout Workshop (Please RSVP by Fri., Aug. 8th)
Friday, September 26th, 6pm-9pm:  Layout Workshop
Saturday, October 18th, 9am - midnight:  CROPTOBER FEST CROP!!
Tuesday, October 28th, 6pm-8pm:  Christmas Cards & Tags
Tuesday, November 11th, 6pm-9pm:  Layout Workshop
Wednesday, November 19th, 6pm-9pm:  Holiday Happenings Mini-Album Workshop &
                                                                Seasonal Expressions Preview Party
Saturday, December 6th, 9am-midnight:  CROP & CRAFT!

Mark your calendars! I look forward to crafting and hanging out with you!!

Finally, I'll leave you with a sneak peek at next week's Layout Workshop! There is still room to join us at the workshop table.  Drop me an email, text or call by Friday, August 8th if you can make it!
Sneak Peek at Layout using Chalk it Up Workshop on the Go

Happy Crafting!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Promotions! that you've had a chance to page through the newest Idea Book and get a good start on your Wish Lists here are the deals for August!  There are three deals so make sure you make it all the way to the bottom!

August Stamp of the Month: What a Hoot!
I am loving this stamp set! I really like owls so I think it's just so, so cute!  I've used it so far to make both Halloween and birthday gift tags and cards; he'll be cute for Christmas too. Remember, the stamp of the month is only $5 with a purchase of $50!

If you were at the Annual Inspirations Preview Party on Tuesday you made one of these cute fellas and if you're scrapping next weekend you'll make one there, too!

CTMH Supplies: Pocket Tag made using Cricut: Art Philosophy, Scaredy Cat Paper,
What A Hoot Stamp Set, Inks: Gypsy & Black,ShinHan Twin Touch Peony Purple 

Picture Perfection August Promotion:
This promotion is all about "Picture My Life" and Memory Protectors!  During the month of August, when you purchase any of the 13 available "Picture My Life" (there are 5 new ones) scrapbooking programs for $24.95 you are eligible to add your choice of 1 of 8 Memory Protector Packs for just $3.00!! 

Each "Picture My Life" scrapbooking kit comes with 44 (4x6) double-sided cards, 78 (3x4) double-sided cards, 1 (12x12) Designed Cover Sheet AND 10 (12x12) Memory Protectors.  When you add on your choice of Memory Protectors you earn for purchasing a "Picture My Life" set you are now up to 20 Memory Protectors and all of those "Picture My Life" cards for only $27.95!! 

There is no limit!  You don't have to shop on different days, you don't have to have your husband check out behind you... you know, so you can use more than one "coupon" at a time! :)  For every "Picture My Life" scrapbooking program you purchase you are automatically eligible for a package of Memory Protectors for just $3.00! If you are new to scrapbooking "Picture My Life" is a great place to start.  If you haven't tried "Picture My Life" now is the time!

I have included photos of the new (and old) "Picture My Life" scrapbooking programs below but you can also find them here.  There are 8 choices of Memory Protectors they can all be found here.  If you look at the picture below you will see 5 of the Memory Protector styles displayed.  The 3 Memory Protectors that are not pictured are 12x12 options (side loading, top loading and strap side load). 

CTMH "Picture My Life" starts on page 146 in the Annual Inspirations Idea Book.
Memory Protectors can be found on page 185.

There are 5 new "Picture My Life" Kits:
NEW CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Chalk It Up 
NEW CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Wanderful
NEW CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Seaside
NEW CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Pear & Partridge
NEW CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: For Always
There are 8 kits that were carried over.  The images shown below are different than the sample images in the Annual Inspirations Idea Book.  Remember that there are a total of 122 double-sided cards so this is just a sampling, in addition to the sampling you see in the Idea Book, of what the kit has to offer.
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Avonlea
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Babycakes
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Laughing Lola
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Sk8r
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Surf's Up
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Skylark
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Balloon Ride
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Chantilly

FREE Flip Flaps 
(This is a piggyback promotion that is good only by ordering through Me!)
Flip Flaps are a great way to get more pictures in your scrapbooks, a way to add journaling, a place to hold artwork and more.  Flip Flaps make a great addition to "Picture My Life" pages of any size, traditional scrapbooks, My Crush Albums, cards, again the possibilities... :)

During the month of August, if you purchase any TWO "Picture My Life" scrapbooking kits you will receive your choice of one of our packs of Flip Flaps for FREE!!  There are 5 Flip Flap sets (4 are pictured on page 185 of Annual Inspirations).

Details: You can place your order directly with me and I'll take care of making sure you get the Flip Flaps or you can order at my online shopping site here.  If you order online, make sure you join the "'Owl' our Favorite Things" August Orders Party.  Place your order as you normally would but DO NOT order the Flip Flaps.  When I see your order process through I will contact you to see which Pack of Flip Flaps you'd like for FREE!!

Wowsers, right?!  I have much more to share, but will wait because I think you've already scrolled down far enough for one blog post! :) hehehe 

The Sunday Paper will be 'delivered' bright and early for you tomorrow along with a fall schedule of workshops and crops! 

Happy Crafting!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Annual Inspirations: My Fav Five!

Happy Friday! Happy August!!

Annual Inspirations has launched, it's officially live and ready for you to explore and stack your Wish Lists!

193 Pages of new paper lines, card making kits, treat bag kits,
Picture My Life sets, My Crush Books, home decor frames,
jewelry, markers, stamp sets, washi tape, ribbons, bling and more!

Since I've had the opportunity to look at the new Idea Book for a couple weeks and have been able to play with some of the new products I thought I'd share my favorite 5 new products so far...

1) Give a Hoot Stamp Set, page 12.   Can I get a "Hoot! Hoot!"? Seriously. Seriously, LOVE. Adorable!

2)  ShinHan Touch Twin Markers, Page 180  I haven't colored so many days in a row for years!!  These markers really add dimension to stamped artwork.  (This isn't printed in the Idea Book, but you can use your Hostess Rewards on these awesome new markers!) 

3) Chalk It Up Paper, Page 28  (Well...really, the Workshop on the Go, Page 29!)  I love the colors! I love the school elements. This is the first stamp set I've had since I became a CTMH Consultant in April where I have used all the stamps!  

Oh, hey! Have you noticed the QR codes throughout the Idea Book? Grab a QR reading app on your smart phone and scan the code to see more artwork and get more information from CTMH.  There are many different free QR code reading apps.  The one I use is "Quick Scan".

4) Geek is Chic Stamp Set, Page 31   This set is so me! :)  "NERD ALERT"? Maybe. There's a stamp for that! hehehe "I {heart} FORMULAS" Ah, yep, what math teacher doesn't? This set is "100% LEGIT".  Well I'm "Just Saying..." you should add this one to your list!  

5) Mini Stapler, Page 181  A stapler? Yes, a stapler! :) It fits in your hand perfectly, the mouth is about 2 inches so you can get into your projects and the best part is the "mini-ness" of it! The itty-bitty staples are functional and cute! I used the mini stapler on these cards.  As you page through the Idea Book keep your eyes peeled you'll see these little staples pop up in many projects!

There's so much more!! Picking only 5 was tough! I have more I could list, but I'll give you time to go and find your favorites so you can play too!  Enjoy!!

Happy Crafting!