Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Paper: Accordion Flowers

Inspired by a package of clearanced Christmas themed paper accordion flowers I picked up and put some of my scraps to use!

I started with 12 inch strips and trimmed from there. The math teacher in me was looking for a ratio and the crafter in me was saying just go with the flow... One thing is for sure, the wider the paper the longer the strip. I found that for a 12 inch strip the widest that worked was 1.5 inches. (The flowers above are: 12x1.5, 11x1, 10 x 3/4, 10 x 1/2.)

You can whip these up in pretty much 4 steps!
1) Score your paper.
** The closer the score lines the thinner the flower will be.  If you look in the picture above I have one flower scored at every 1/2 inch which is a pretty thick flower/stands high off the page.  Since I will be using these for a scrapbook page embellishment scoring at every 1/4 inch is what I decided to stick to. Also, I scored every other line on the opposite side which made the accordian folding much easier because it almost naturally folds for you!  I didn't flip the paper over every other time, but did one side at a time.  Since I was scoring my paper every 1/4 inch I scored one side every 1/2 inch and then flipped it over and did the same making sure I was between the lines already done.
2) Accordian fold your paper.
3) Glue the ends together so you end up with a cupcake liner type shape.
4) Gather the top of the circle together and push down to create the center and flower.  Use glue to adhere a button or paper circle to the top.  You can adhere a paper circle to the bottom also to make it nice and sturdy. 

Add ink to the edges, use an edge trimmer, stamp on your paper or use patterned paper to create different looks!

Happy Crafting!

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