Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Paper

Now... this is my kind of Sunday Paper! How about it, a weekly installment of playing with paper? You with me?? You got it!! :)  Cards, scrapbook pages, home decor, who knows what... but it'll be here.

I got mail!  Of course, as soon as I could I ordered a box of new supplies but I also had to grab some of the current product before it was gone so this month I've been getting deliveries to my front door what seems like... frequently! hehehe  I just received my July SOTM, Circus Alphabet, on Thursday so in between the comings and goings of the weekend I took it out to play a bit.  It was the perfect opportunity for me to create an alphabet block card.

Creating this was pretty slick.  First, cover your acrylic block with all the letters you intend to use in the position you'd like them.  I thought that might be tricky, arranging 26 letters but it wasn't bad.  Decide on how big of an area you are going to stamp and then make sure the letters fit within that space.  Each row gets 5 letters and my 2nd row had 6 letters because "I" is skinny! :) Then, before you ink the background letters remove the letters you'd like to highlight in another color {HI}.  Ink and stamp the background image.  Place the letters you removed {HI} on another block in the position you'd like them and then use another color and stamp in the correct position.

Check back weekly for some inspiration as you drink your morning coffee (OJ, pop or whatever) and kick back to read the Sunday Paper.  Remember to come back to Inspire. Create. Cultivate. to see what's happening with the paper you really want to know about! ;)

Happy Crafting!

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