Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Cards for Days!!

Receiving Chrstimas cards from friends and family is definately one of my most favorite traditions of Christmas.  My husband and I try to beat each other to the mailbox each day so we can open the mail first! If more than one card comes sometimes we'll share the joy of opening them... we love it!

What do you do with all of the Christmas cards that you receive? Do you display them? Keep them in a fun mailbox or container? What do you do with them when it's time to pack up Christmas or take down all the cards you have hung up?

I'm a Christmas card collector!  For sure.  Are you surprised?  In the 11 years that my husband and I have been married I have save each and every one.  We always put them up in a wall, door or some kind of display and then around February-ish I take them all down and put each on in our Christmas card scrapbook.

I have one (well just started our second last year) scrapbook for our Christmas cards.  Each year I create a one page layout with our card and include all the  cards from friends and family in layouts to follow. I generally carry thru one element from my main layout each year so i can easily tell which year cards are from.

This is my 2015 title layout, our card fit on the photo mat. This year was the first that I used PML memory pages to keep all the other cards in. This worked really well - I usually trim the cards down to just the main photos to make it all fit.  I also carried the element of the trees throughout the other pages.

This page was created using Rustic Home fundamental paper, City Sidewalks paper, City Sidewalks washi tape as well as white enamel dots. The trees can be created easily from rectangles. Make the rectangle the height you'd like the trees and the width you'd like. Once you have your rectangle, find the midpoint of the top, make a cut from that point to the bottom corner on each side. Hello, Christmas tree!

Wishing you peace, love and happiness!

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