Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Promotions! that you've had a chance to page through the newest Idea Book and get a good start on your Wish Lists here are the deals for August!  There are three deals so make sure you make it all the way to the bottom!

August Stamp of the Month: What a Hoot!
I am loving this stamp set! I really like owls so I think it's just so, so cute!  I've used it so far to make both Halloween and birthday gift tags and cards; he'll be cute for Christmas too. Remember, the stamp of the month is only $5 with a purchase of $50!

If you were at the Annual Inspirations Preview Party on Tuesday you made one of these cute fellas and if you're scrapping next weekend you'll make one there, too!

CTMH Supplies: Pocket Tag made using Cricut: Art Philosophy, Scaredy Cat Paper,
What A Hoot Stamp Set, Inks: Gypsy & Black,ShinHan Twin Touch Peony Purple 

Picture Perfection August Promotion:
This promotion is all about "Picture My Life" and Memory Protectors!  During the month of August, when you purchase any of the 13 available "Picture My Life" (there are 5 new ones) scrapbooking programs for $24.95 you are eligible to add your choice of 1 of 8 Memory Protector Packs for just $3.00!! 

Each "Picture My Life" scrapbooking kit comes with 44 (4x6) double-sided cards, 78 (3x4) double-sided cards, 1 (12x12) Designed Cover Sheet AND 10 (12x12) Memory Protectors.  When you add on your choice of Memory Protectors you earn for purchasing a "Picture My Life" set you are now up to 20 Memory Protectors and all of those "Picture My Life" cards for only $27.95!! 

There is no limit!  You don't have to shop on different days, you don't have to have your husband check out behind you... you know, so you can use more than one "coupon" at a time! :)  For every "Picture My Life" scrapbooking program you purchase you are automatically eligible for a package of Memory Protectors for just $3.00! If you are new to scrapbooking "Picture My Life" is a great place to start.  If you haven't tried "Picture My Life" now is the time!

I have included photos of the new (and old) "Picture My Life" scrapbooking programs below but you can also find them here.  There are 8 choices of Memory Protectors they can all be found here.  If you look at the picture below you will see 5 of the Memory Protector styles displayed.  The 3 Memory Protectors that are not pictured are 12x12 options (side loading, top loading and strap side load). 

CTMH "Picture My Life" starts on page 146 in the Annual Inspirations Idea Book.
Memory Protectors can be found on page 185.

There are 5 new "Picture My Life" Kits:
NEW CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Chalk It Up 
NEW CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Wanderful
NEW CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Seaside
NEW CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Pear & Partridge
NEW CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: For Always
There are 8 kits that were carried over.  The images shown below are different than the sample images in the Annual Inspirations Idea Book.  Remember that there are a total of 122 double-sided cards so this is just a sampling, in addition to the sampling you see in the Idea Book, of what the kit has to offer.
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Avonlea
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Babycakes
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Laughing Lola
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Sk8r
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Surf's Up
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Skylark
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Balloon Ride
CTMH Picture My Life Scrapbooking Kit: Chantilly

FREE Flip Flaps 
(This is a piggyback promotion that is good only by ordering through Me!)
Flip Flaps are a great way to get more pictures in your scrapbooks, a way to add journaling, a place to hold artwork and more.  Flip Flaps make a great addition to "Picture My Life" pages of any size, traditional scrapbooks, My Crush Albums, cards, again the possibilities... :)

During the month of August, if you purchase any TWO "Picture My Life" scrapbooking kits you will receive your choice of one of our packs of Flip Flaps for FREE!!  There are 5 Flip Flap sets (4 are pictured on page 185 of Annual Inspirations).

Details: You can place your order directly with me and I'll take care of making sure you get the Flip Flaps or you can order at my online shopping site here.  If you order online, make sure you join the "'Owl' our Favorite Things" August Orders Party.  Place your order as you normally would but DO NOT order the Flip Flaps.  When I see your order process through I will contact you to see which Pack of Flip Flaps you'd like for FREE!!

Wowsers, right?!  I have much more to share, but will wait because I think you've already scrolled down far enough for one blog post! :) hehehe 

The Sunday Paper will be 'delivered' bright and early for you tomorrow along with a fall schedule of workshops and crops! 

Happy Crafting!

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