Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Paper: Composition Notebook

My worlds are starting to collide!  Back-to-School supplies have been out since the beginning of July and I started walking through the aisles at the end of July. :) There is something about new school supplies that is really just great. I know I'm not alone! C'mon, admit it... a fresh blank calendar, pencils in perfect shape with unused erasers, brand new pack of pens... I can't possibly be the only one that tries each one as soon as I open the package!? :)

Well, as I was saying my worlds are starting to collide and so they did in my scrapbooking room last week!  I picked up a couple composition notebooks and crafted them out!  I used "Chalk it Up" (a new CTMH paper) of course!!

Chalk it Up Workshop on the Go has all the supplies used to craft-out this
Composition Notebook!

The process to create this cute little number is really quite quick!  

1) Find the materials you'd like to use to decorate the composition notebook.  I used 2 (12x12) pieces of pattern paper to cover the front and back of the notebook.  

I left the binding alone because it matched my paper choice.  If the binding doesn't match your paper you can cover it just the same as the front and back.  If you choose a double-sided piece of paper I bet it would look nice to use the other side on the binding and you should have enough in scraps after you cut for the covers to allow for that.

2) Lay your paper out with your notebook on top and trace around the cover so you know where to cut.  Do this for both the front and the back. Cut out your pieces.

*Before Step 3 if you are planning to add any embellishments to your notebook that you intend to adhere between the paper and the cover do that first before you glue the top sheet on. :)  I did this with the paper ribbons on top and the twill ribbon on the bottom.  

3) Adhere the paper to the cover of the notebook.  Be sure to use a strong adhesive and cover the paper entirely, I used my Broad-Tip Glue Pen.  You want the paper on the cover permanently!  Once you've covered the entire sheet of paper with glue paying special attention to the edges line the paper up with the spine and smooth it out.  Repeat the same process to cover the back of the notebook.

4) Open your notebook and trim any excess paper.

5) Decorate! 

Go grab yourself a composition notebook and craft-it out!

Calendar of Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, August 12th, 6pm-9pm:  Layout Workshop (Please RSVP by Fri., Aug. 8th)
Friday, September 26th, 6pm-9pm:  Layout Workshop
Saturday, October 18th, 9am - midnight:  CROPTOBER FEST CROP!!
Tuesday, October 28th, 6pm-8pm:  Christmas Cards & Tags
Tuesday, November 11th, 6pm-9pm:  Layout Workshop
Wednesday, November 19th, 6pm-9pm:  Holiday Happenings Mini-Album Workshop &
                                                                Seasonal Expressions Preview Party
Saturday, December 6th, 9am-midnight:  CROP & CRAFT!

Mark your calendars! I look forward to crafting and hanging out with you!!

Finally, I'll leave you with a sneak peek at next week's Layout Workshop! There is still room to join us at the workshop table.  Drop me an email, text or call by Friday, August 8th if you can make it!
Sneak Peek at Layout using Chalk it Up Workshop on the Go

Happy Crafting!

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